Save Lives - Stream Hope
The GoDateNow team is doing our best to deliver high-quality service despite experiencing a tough time due to the war. Though we can’t bring peace to our ladies right now, we still can facilitate saving lives and streaming hope! And you can help by giving women the most indispensable gifts ever and protecting them with body armor!
Major UA cities, including Mariupol, Berdyansk, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, and the capital Kyiv were attacked a few weeks ago. Women remain unprotected and helpless - bullets are hailing down on them, so they are left face to face with the deadly danger every day…
A few blunt facts about this war:
4.9 million people have fled
10 000s
of homes destroyed
2700+ sq.m.
of area mined
Several stories from our female members are only fragments of the harsh reality Ukrainian women are facing each day…
  • Tatiana, 35
    “My daily life in the face of war is now postponed for a long while…”

    I got my dream job just a couple of weeks before the war started. I planned to buy a new apartment in Kyiv in a few years. But now it’s in the past - I lost everything, I’ve got nowhere to get back…
  • Alina, 28
    “I’ve seen my streets obliterated…”

    I’m a third-grade teacher coerced to leave my hometown a few hours after a nearby kindergarten building was shelled. Now I don’t know what to expect tomorrow or the next minute. Just want to get back home!
  • Alexandra, 33
    “There is never enough time…”
    Two months ago, I thought that I’ve got my whole life ahead of me! Now it’s all ruined, destroyed, and I was left to sink or swim. I’m not safe now. Not to say I lost my lovely doggo when I fled. I wish I could spend more time with him…

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