Your words matter — warm ladies up in chats these winter days!
Your words can work a miracle! Warm up UA ladies in chat now!
Your words can warm ladies' this cold and lightless UA winter!
It’s been a few months of continuous blackouts and energy woes since our ladies were plunged into darkness in the face of the cold winter. And that’s dramatically worsened their situation. But it’s you who can impart warmth to them with the power of your kind words. Make their winter days warmer and brighter — invigorate them in chats!

Female members are still in the warzone

Ladies suffer from energy woes

Women are looking to escape from the country
We gathered a few real stories from our female users
Now sharing them with you. Please, keep in mind — all this is happening right now.
  • Simona, 26
    She is from Kyiv. Her hometown tries to live its everyday life. But still, her apartment block is partially without a water supply. Also, blackouts can be as long as 18-20 hours daily. And her city is getting bombarded daily. She’s now trying just to keep calm and simply warm.
  • Anna, 28
    Like many residents of Ukraine, she stays in her hometown even now when the cold winter comes and energy woes dramatically worsen. While this crisis looms, she remains confident that brighter and warmer days will come soon. Helping her neighbors and volunteering, she contributes as much as she can.
  • Yana, 34
    The almost 11 months-long unprovoked invasion of her country (and her hometown Mariupol) turned into a nightmare now. Cold and dark nights and days are complicated, and it’s hard to find strength for everyday stuff. Still, she is sure that the horror will soon be over.
  • Elena, 29
    This lady’s been helping to save animals in her hometown (Kyiv) since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. She’s doing her best to keep them warm and feed them every single day. Hoping everything will end soon, she struggles with cold and darkness right now.
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Keep her warm using the power of your words!
Invite a lady to chat — her day won’t be that cold and dark with you beside her. Sometimes a single warm word is just enough!