Today the world is shattered by the war. So are the hearts of thousands of ladies who’ve lost home and hope. The RomanceCompass team tries its best to connect people and bring love in times when it matters most. With advanced interaction options, it takes only a few words to cheer some lady up in chat. Your kind words are someone’s strength.
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Anna, 28
“I didn’t have my own car so I spent the first day just watching how everyone around was leaving. My hometown became a battlefield with corpses scattered around...I just got lucky to flee alive with my neighbors.”
Natasha, 25
“In peacetime, I was a photographer…after 29 days spent in the basement, animal fear for life and humanitarian crisis, I have little hope for a bright future :(”
Today every lady has got a story. A story of loss and survival. Today every lady is looking for kind words and some love. Your words do matter. Your words are her escape from war.